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Friends, our website is under construction. For details on our class schedule or upcoming performances, please visit our Facebook page, Anda Flamenco and Las Zapatistas.

The School

Kristina de Sacramento, director of the schoolAnda Flamenco Company & School offers classes and workshops in traditional Spanish flamenco right here in the Twin Cities. In addition to the regular class offerings, the school sponsors special workshops and guest teachers, so check back often for new opportunities to study this beautiful and unique art form.

All classes, unless otherwise noted, are taught by Kristina de Sacramento and are held at:

Ivy Arts Building
2637 27th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55406 / 952.545.0955

Please do not contact Ivy Arts Building directly.

Click here for a schedule of classes. Feel free to drop in to watch classes at anytime, and please email us for additional class information.

Map of Rendezvous Dance Studio location  


To find Anda Flamenco studios once you're inside the Ivy Tower, just follow the Anda signs.

Kristina’s Teaching Philosophy

"Chances are that, like me, you weren't born in Spain and didn’t grow up seeing, hearing, and dancing flamenco. But once you saw it, flamenco called to you, and you longed to be swept up in its seductive rhythms. You knew you were meant to dance it.

So what to do? Get busy learning! Life is short—do what you love, do what calls you, or (in the words of a typical flamenco 'jaleo') "ANDA!"

Having come to dance late in life, I used everything possible to learn: my eyes, ears, brain, nose hairs, and fingernails. I plagued all my teachers with endless questions. I studied with many masters all over America and Europe. I still study with the masters. A dancer is never done learning.

I still remember not 'getting it.' I still remember thinking I was the worst student in class (and many times I was..). I still remember how frustrating and, at times, futile my efforts felt. I still remember all this like it was yesterday. So I can and I do empathize with my students' difficulties—which is one of the great advantages of starting dance studies later in life.

It is my belief that no one is incapable of learning to dance flamenco. It is my challenge as a teacher to find the right 'language' to convey the information, and I embrace this challenge. Having learned to dance using so many tools, I now have many 'languages' in which to teach. I have a passion to share my love and knowledge of flamenco, and I invite you to share in that passion. It’s way too late to join the chorus, so we’ll all just have to train as soloists together."  


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