Anda Flamenco Company & School, Kristina de Sacramento, Artistic Director
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Doña Quixote Sponsors

Thank You !!!

We Wish to Express Our Infinite Gratitude to The Following Individuals For Their Generous Donation of Time, Talent, And/Or Financial Support:

Nan Bailly
Marin Christensen
Robert & Sandra Cornelius
D’Amico & Partners
Elyse Duffy, Word Association
Dunn Bros. Coffee
Manny & Victoria González
Paul Hegre
Melanie Helvig
Russell Kerr, Forté
Christine Kozachok
June Larsson
Chris & Miriam Levy
Perrin & David Lilly
Kathy McCurdy
William & Nadine McGuire
Ken Melrose
John Mowers, Forté
Susana di Palma
Kay Schwarzrock, North Country Pages
Bill Scott
Shawn Silver, Artspace
Harland Snodgrass, TSI
Jane Taylor
Chris Toal
Fran & Len Weisberg



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