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Doña Quixote Audience Reviews

Dona QuixoteDoña Quixote

Presented by Kristina de Sacramento & Anda Flamenco at the Fringe Festival

Blown by a blizzard to Spain, our middle-aged, flamenco-crazed Minnesota heroine Doña Quixote and cohort Sancha Panzasson cavort with windmills and succumb to Dulcineo before finally . . .
(to be continued )

Average rating from My Fringe users: 5.0 stars

5.0 stars
OLE Kristina! you outdid yourself! The show is very funny and everybody's performance is wonderful. The guitars were awesome. The cantaora, what can I say about someone who has left her beloved Cordoba many years ago to live and raise a family in Minnesota and still manage to keep her culture and love for flamenco alive for all this years. Her voice and energy have made many of us in Minnesota fall in love with her traditions, "Un OLE bien grande pa Ti Maria Elena".You are the best!!!!! Your invited bailaora from Spain "Vicky", divine. You, Virginia, Ana where wonderful. You all made us laugh and enjoy a wonderful show. Flamenco is, after your show, a little closer all of us in Minnesota. Thank you all for taking me back to Spain last Friday! Otro OLE pa ti Kristina de Sacramento! OLE, OLE, OLE
—Marisol Garcia (Posted on Aug. 9)

5.0 stars
Kristina is a goddess! The entire cast is wonderful! Great show! Great comedy! Great singing. Great music. Grrrreat dancing! I love how the play bill explains each segment; that really added alot to my understanding. My companion that evening wants to return to see it all again.
—Sarina Stone (Posted on Aug. 9)

5.0 stars
Excellent show!!I must congratulate Kristina for this wonderful show. It was great fun and beautiful. I loved the singing,the dancing and especially the well-shown Spanish flamenco dancing and culture.Very special congratulations to the guest artist, Virginia Garcia Arencibia "Vicky", she deserves all the best in the flamenco world. I liked her performance alot. Thank you all.
—Mona Kinder (Posted on Aug. 10)

Beautiful Artistry
5.0 stars
The flamenco dancing and guitar playing were incredible. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it left our feet tapping!!
—Chris May (Posted on Aug. 8)

Eso es!
5.0 stars
High points – the windmill’s magical arms and intoxicating dancing, Sancha Panzasson’s discovery of her hips in her newly purchased spanish clothes, the dancing pua’s sultry flamenco moves, Doña Quixote’s joy at discovering true flamenco, and the musicians’ dedication in following Doña Quixote and Sancha Panzasson from snowy Minnesota to welcoming Spain. There really weren’t any low points!
—Andrea Plevan (Posted on Aug. 9)

5.0 stars
I thoroughly enjoyed this performance! I laughed so much my face hurt and I had tears in my eyes. Kristina and company were outstanding!! The singing, dancing, and music, melded beautifully for an extremely strong ensemble cast. Each of the performers definitely “reached the unreachable star.” You will not be disappointed if you see this show!
—Ms. Tomata (Posted on Aug. 13)

If you don't like/know flameco dancing...
5.0 stars
...this is the PERFECT (re)-introduction! The most breath-taking flamenco dancing I've ever seen is brilliantly wrapped in a witty, self-effacing reinterpretation of the Cervantes novel. The carefully written scene titles had me cracking up even before the show--this show is a reader's treat as well as a dance-lover's dream. Each dancer had such a different style, but all were soul-gripping. I was so moved after the show that I just stood on Franklin for awhile in a daze, and I'm not a flamenco fan usually. I know that this feeling of being transported to and captivated by a fictional state will stay with me throughout the winter, and the show's triumph of imagination that can put us in Spain in the dead of a Minnesota January will actually help me cope with winter!
—L Paw (Posted on Aug. 9)

If my kids are riveted, it's got to be good
5.0 stars
I took my 12-mo and 34-mo old sons. They loved the rhythm and dance. If you've got kids who can sit and watch dance for an hour they'll love this show. And as the other reviews state - so will you.
—amy klein (Posted on Aug. 13)

Flamenco style meets Minnesota
4.0 stars
Whether you are a Flamenco fan or not, this production will provide you with a nice look at the Flamenco dance style and blends it with some Minnesota values. The dancing is very good and the group works well together to present an off-beat version of Don Quixote. Virginia "La Chispita" brings bright energy on her own and with the other dancers. The musicians do a great job as well.
—Glen McCluskey (Posted on Aug. 11)

What a Hoot
4.0 stars
Great dancing and comedy. To get a good understanding of the story follow the chapter program notes.
—sue hulbert (Posted on Aug. 7)

Reviews courtesy of the Minnesota Fringe website.


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