Anda Flamenco Company & School, Kristina de Sacramento, Artistic Director
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Company Performances
Anda Flamenco Company performs in a variety of venues. To find out about our current performance schedule, please click on the lilac "news" fan ablove. You'll find some great photos of our past performances here.
Las Zapatistas
You never know when you'll be "zapped" out in the community, but you can find out more about the student company here. Or, check out the photos from previous "zappings"!
Student "Festival" Shows
The ever-popular student "Festival" shows now number 11! Every couple of years (give or take) Kristina highlights all her students in a gala performance. Take a look at some of our past shows.
The Fringe
Anda Flamenco is fast becoming a Fringe Festival tradition. Starting in 2002, Kristina brought her unique brand of flamenco comedy to the Fringe and hasn't stopped since. Revisit the last two performances here, and watch for pictures from Fringe '12, "Señora Butterfly"!


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