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The Cast & Crew of Doña Quixote

Anda Flamenco’s production of “Doña Quixote: A Flamenco Comedy,” features company members and several guest artists. Many return this year from their acclaimed performances in the Fringe’s 2002 presentation of “Que Será, Será.”

Kristina de SacramentoKristina de Sacramento (Doña Quixote) Founder and artistic director of Anda Flamenco Company and School, Kristina de Sacramento was blown from painting to flamenco (via Paris) 16 years ago. She created, produced, and starred in “Que Será, Será: A Flamenco Comedy” at the 2002 Fringe Festival. Noted for her disruptive laughter, Kristina continues to produce comedies in order to stay in practice.

Vicky Garcia ArencibiaVirginia (Vicky) García Arencibia (The Windmill and Real Flamenco Dancer #2) Vicky began her dance studies in the Canary Islands at the age of 6, and has performed with the Madrid-based company of the esteemed dancer Merche Esmeralda since 2000. Vicky and Kristina met in Manolete’s flamenco class in Jerez in 2003 and became fast friends. This will be Vicky’s American debut, arriving on the heels of her degree in veterinary medicine. (Good thing, too—Doña Quixote’s nag could use the attention!)

Anna NattAnna Natt (La Púa and Real Flamenco Dancer #1) Anna appeared in Anda Flamenco’s 2002 Fringe Festival production “Que Será, Será.” She began studying flamenco with Kristina de Sacramento before moving to Sevilla four years ago to continue her studies with young, ground-breaking maestros. A real, fairy-tale story of apprentice to dancer.

La ChispitaVirginia “La Chispita” (Sancha Panzasson) Virginia also appeared in Anda Flamenco’s 2002 Fringe Festival production of “Que Será, Será.” She regularly performs with Anda Flamenco, Rincón del Flamenco, and anyone who asks her. She is a middle-aged flamenco dancer swept up in her friend’s dream, portraying a middle-aged flamenco dancer swept up in her friend’s dream.

La CordobesaMaría Elena “La Cordobesa” (Flamenco Singer) A true Minnesota treasure, María Elena, born in Córdoba, Spain, is one of a handful of authentic flamenco singers residing in North America. She has performed widely throughout the U.S., in Mexico, and Puerto Rico. She founded Rincón del Flamenco in 1981, and has given generously of her native art ever since. She played the role of Doris Day in Anda Flamenco’s 2002 Fringe production.

El LobitoGregorio “El Lobito” (Guitarist) Back from Malaysia (his new home) for the Fringe with Anda Flamenco once again, Gregorio’s incisive, rhythmic accompaniment of flamenco song and dance has yet to be equaled in the Midwest. This production will provide a rare opportunity to re-experience the masterful playing of this master guitarist.

El NiñoEl Niño David (Guitarist) Fresh from study this March with Emilio Maya in Granada, Spain, and with Chuscales in Santa Fe this July, David’s diverse guitar career has brought him face to face with an intense love for the complex falsettas and ritmos of the flamenco guitar.

Rafael de TresaRafael de Tresa (Guitarist & Troubadour) Rafael (Mike Ziegahn) has played around and sung around in this town (in Irishy, jazzy, and theatrically roles) for longer than he’d like to admit. Along with being one of our four guitarists, Rafael will be our troubadour, gracing our production with his delightful tenor and singing, “To Dream the Impossible Dream.” (We will, of course, expect you, our audience, to sing the last line - “to reeeaaach the impooossible staaaaaaar,” so please start practicing now in your shower!)

El RebujitoTrevor “El Rebujito” (Guitarist) First guitarist for both Anda Flamenco and Rincón del Flamenco, Trevor’s unique understanding of flamenco tonalities and rhythms has made him a young guitarist much in demand both locally and regionally. Trained in both percussion and guitar when he moved to Sevilla in 1999, Trevor nonetheless admits to being confounded for the first few months of his two years of study at the prestigious Cristina Heerens’ School.

Molly CulliganMolly Culligan (Director) Local actor/director/writer Molly Culligan directed Anda Flamenco’s 2002 “Que Será, Será.” She studied flamenco for twenty years lined up in rows beside Kristina de Sacramento and Virginia “La Chispita.” There she developed understanding of the technique and respect for the art form, as well as deep, abiding friendships. Molly is trained in voice, drama, mime, modern dance, and Argentine tango.

Ramón MirandaRamón Miranda (Dulcinéo, El Zarzal and Camarero) Ramón began his acting career in San Juan, Puerto Rico as Amahl in “Amahl and the Night Visitors.” Since then, he’s never quit acting. He has had a chance to discover his “dance-ability” with his púa, Anna, in “Doña Quixote.”

Cather Raetzman (Hard-Working Stage Hand) Cather began her dance career studying Middle Eastern dance. She has studied flamenco with Kristina de Sacramento for five years and made her flamenco stage debut in Anda Flamenco’s 2002 “Que Será, Será.”

Vanna WannabeLynn Schultz (Vanna Wannabe Stage Hand) Lynn is a long-time Fringe Festival fan and, for the past four years, a gracious hostess for out-of-town Festival performers. She has studied flamenco with Kristina de Sacramento for the past year and a half. This is her debut performance with Anda Flamenco.

The Hip CatThe Hip Cat: Harland Snodgrass, TSI Images, was our scenic artist, graphics consultant, and much-valued production assistant. His years of experience in the film business made his trouble-shooting timely and incisive. His great patience sharing his house with a 14-pack of flamencos was inspirational.

The Cool CatsThe Cool-Cats: Betty and KC generously permitted us to dedicate the flamenco studio/cat playground completely to flamenco for several months. Their impish daily surrender of their space inspired us to reach new comedic heights.


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