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Anna Natt, who began her studies at Anda Flamenco in 1998 (before moving to California, then Spain, and then Berlin to live and study flamenco), as usual brought the latest and most body-boggling flamenco innovations to students at Anda on a mid-September weekend. There was much sweating, some swearing, and a lot of humble laughter as everyone tried to gear up for the latest fabulous yet crazy steps! You may remember seeing Anna, an Anda Company "Member in Absentia," when she so memorably danced the part of the Japanese sailor in Anda's 2012 production of "Señora Butterfly." (Hilde de Roover is missing from the picture because she shot it.)


On one of the most humid weekends of the summer, Anda performed "8 for 8 by 5," a pastiche of 8 moments of flamenco danced in 8 minutes by 5 dancers. Kristina de Sacramento created this piece especially for the mostly modern dance audience at this gorgeous outdoor venue.

ANDA WENT TO JEREZ, SPAIN, FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014at the end of February. We couldn't keep up with our facebook page - we could barely keep up with ourselves during our two-week "slumber party". Master classes from 10 - 12:30, followed by a huge lunch with wine from 1:30 - 4, then wine-fueled shopping from 4 - 8, nightly concerts at 9, dinner at midnight, talking and drinking more wine in someone's room 'til 4am, and at it all again the next day! BUT STAY TUNED FOR OUR SPAIN GALLERY TO BE POSTED SOON ON THIS WEBSITE!



This was a chance for all those who'd been faithfully and lengthily studying Sevillanas at Anda's studio (and who nonetheless are still mystified), to meet up with those totally confident Spaniards from Casa España to dance, eat and drink the night away, and did we ever. We decided we have to do this MORE OFTEN! STAY TUNED FOR THE FALL FERIA!




Anda opened the Dances at the Lakes 2013 series with their premier of "Seguiriyas Inside and Out." The performances were held in the evening of July 12 and 13 at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens. Both the weather and the mosquitos cooperated to make this an ideal outdoor dance experience. Thousands of 1/2-inch long baby toads stopped by to watch on their way shelter in the woods. All in all, a memorable event!




A fan in the audience at our Greenway Glow posted a great video of La Gaviota dancing tientos at the Greenway Glow. You can see it at


Just after returning her annual month in Spain this March, Kristina immediately began choreographing the fleeting but vital flamenco moments in Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz's brilliant play, "Lorca in a Green Dress," produced by Teatro del Pueblo. Working closely with del Pueblo's Artistic Director Al Justiano, a man who is dedicated to collaborative creations, Kristina breathed life and character into the vague flamenco parts Cruz wrote for the dancer - all of them merely stage directions like "Flamenco Dancer opens the road to life through the dance." No palo nor rhythm indicated! It was the same for the songs in the show - words without tunes. So then Kristina set the music as well! And what rewarding work it was - adding real flamenco depth to a most astonishing play, performed with great depth and maturity by actors are younger than Lorca when he was killed. This was a truly heartrending production with moments of dark humor, lush lines from Lorca's poems, and a view of death that finally comforted us all.



Anda was one of the 15 shows chosen, out of 165 in the Fringe Festival, for presenting an encoreperformance. This honor is awarded to the best attended show at each of the 15 fringe venues. Though S. Butterfly was virtually ignored by the press, limiting us to our own loyal audience, our own loyal audience came out in droves and won for us the coveted encore performance - a great chance for our cast and crew of 22 to collaborate one more time to present a piece we'd all poured heart, body, and soul into and fashioned as a gift of pure delight for our audiences!

After trying since 2007 to produce Señora Butterfly at the Fringe Festival, luck was with Anda on the night of the 2012 Fringe lottery. Though our show didn't land a secure slot in the Fringe Festival, we did score 12th on the waiting list. And before the venues were even chosen for the shows, we got slotted into the Fringe!

Our story revolved around Señora Butterfly (Cio Cio San), the post-menopausal ringleader of a group of aging Spanish dancers who decided to reinvent themselves as geishas. Late one night, Cio Cio and the ladies stumbled upon a handsome, unconscious Japanese sailor who has washed up on a Spanish beach, and the flamenco/Japanese fusion comedy unfolded! We can tell you now that the show is over that the young beautiful giesha was played to gum-chewing, hip-twitching parasol perfection by Rick Farrell. And the role of the virginal Japanese sailor who danced with the wooden sword danced by Anna Natt, who captivated the audience with her boyish skills! And when they came out to each other in the love duet, the audience was squirming with delight at the affectionate comedic exchanges between the two of them. And then, the most famous aria from the opera, rewritten as a tangos flamenco with lyrics appropriate to this modern Butterfly's dilemma, did truly tear up more than a few eyes in the audience! All in all, the cast was thrilled to present this beloved piece to audiences who received it with open arms and belly laughs! Does dance theater get any better than that?


Anda Flamenco previewed Scene 1 of Señora Butterfly at Bryant Lake Bowl at John Munger's Rabbit Show on Wednesday, July 11. John invited all the dance shows in the 2012 Minneapolis Fringe Festival to present snippets of their shows to whet public appetite for dance at the Fringe. The first scene of Butterfly introduced the musicians, the flamenco geishas, La Susita, and Señora Butterfly and was very well received by the BLB audience!



Anda Flamenco performed at James Sewell Ballet's Tek Box on Sunday, June 3rd in a fabulous variety show to benefit for the Tango Teacher's Coop Festival. Rico, one of Anda's own who moved to the Big Apple six years ago, was in town and joined Maria and Kristina for this performance. Anda was honored to have the opening spot at this summer's Dances at The Lakes festival presented by Christopher Watson at the Lake Harriet rose gardens. We were all rained out on Friday, July 13, but the dance and weather gods negociated and made July 14th a perfect evening for a huge crowd of dance lovers to watch dance performed in a beautiful natural setting.


"Festival 10" was a truly memorable show presented in a fabulous 125-year old venue where Dvorak once played on his way from Iowa back to NYC. As the story goes, there were 300 people inside the theater listening, and 5000 outside listening through the open windows. The historic backdrop we used for our show featured a lush forest scene and was painted in 1935. Both the company and the school had been working for over two years on the exciting new choreographies, polishing and refining them before premiering them for the public!

Over 150 aficionados attended Festival 10's two performances. This year we tried something different - a cabaret-style show! Audience members and performers alike enjoyed the more relaxed and convivial atmosphere that allowed people to sit at tables, to leave their seats for a better view or to stretch their legs, and to enjoy a tapa and a glass of wine or lemonade before and during the show.

Photographer Rich Clark shot some gorgeous images of the show, like the one of Juana Maria above. We'll have a couple of new galleries featuring them up soon, so stay tuned!


Back by popular demand, La Magdalena taught her yearly intensive workshops once again at Anda Flamenco School. She began with a community class designed to educate flamenco fans for a more in-depth and participatory flamenco audience experience - from flamenco history to audience participation in palmas and short bits of cante called jaleos. The dance and palmas jaleo classes at the Anda studio were very well attended by students of both Anda Flamenco and Zorongo Flamenco. We're looking forward to hosting La Magdalena again next spring!


Check out our latest videos on You Tube, including a rehearsal for "Festival 9" when our (then) little girls were learning sevillanas with castanets. Just go to and type in "anda flamenco."



Kristina is fortunate to be working with Breanna's Gift, a non-profit organization that brings the healing energy of the arts to children thrown into a hospital environment - whether they are the actual patients or the siblings of the patients. In this photo Kristina and a former student work with a 2 year-old and a 4 year-old, giving the a moment of needed respite from the hospital environment. Anda Flamenco and The Zapatistas have a long-standing tradition of volunteering performances to raise funds for organizations like Rainbow Families, the Lupus Foundation, and Casa de Esperanza, to name just a few. Kristina is thrilled to take on the recent challenge of developing a method of teaching rhythmic dance to children restricted by wheelchairs or tethered to IVs.



Magdalena in March 2011 - It's an Anda Tradition!

For the fourth year in a row, Magdalena joined us mid-March to whip our winter-laden flamenco culos back into shape. We studied jaleos extremeños and la caña as dance palos, and we tested our voices in cante classes with Al Gurugu and Sevillanas del Adiós!

as Zapatistas "Hit-and-Run" Bellaluna Boutique and a Special Graduation Party for Opening of 2011 Season

The Zap's first 2011 zapping was May 2, a late start do to a non-existant spring! The weather broke just in time for them to add to the festivities at former student Satail Tailin's delightful Bellaluna Boutique, where they were then treated to amazing and much needed neck massages by resident myotherapist Shawn Gardener. From there, the Zaps continued onto the graduation and job-found celebration of another former student, Tracy Leask Teyssier. Arriving during a lull in the party, Tracy's French husband Christian went into the house and reappeared in the front yard moments later with 8 chairs, 8 wine glasses, 5 huge hunks of fabulous European cheeses, a plate of hams and salami, and a basket of freshly sliced sourdough bread. The Zaps fell upon this fare like a horde of hungry fire ants, fortifying themselves enough to dance in the middle of the street, stopping traffic and entertaining the neighborhood. (Note the secret of their success in the picture below: remote-controlled Zaps Pilar and Satail perform at a rally under the command of controller Kristina de Sacramento!)


Vicente Griego Taught Cante at Anda Studios in December 2010

Thanks to a serendipitous chain of events that greatly benefitted the Minnesota flamenco community, the mesmerizing flamenco singer Vicente Griego arrived from New Mexico just in time to ruin his gorgeous leather loafers in the snowstorm of the decade while singing his heart out for local schools and at workshops at Anda, having to cancel other workshops and performances due to the blizzard. At Anda, Vicente taught La Caña, a palo that Anda's advanced dance students are currently studying for Festival 10, which is slated to premier in February of 2012. Vicente mesmerized the class for two hours, not only by teaching cante but also by sharing personal and historical artistic stories as well as offering performance advice. Long after we reluctantly sent him downstairs to catch his ride back to our sister city of St. Paul, we talked about the aura of generosity that he added to our studio's juju!

Anda Flamenco Performed "The Kitchen Sink" with the Seward Concert Band on November 6, 2010

Anda Flamenco Company's dancers and guitarist provided the "Carmen Aire" for the Spanish music section of the Seward Concert Band's November 6th concert presented at 7:30pm at Roosevelt High School Auditorium in Minneapolis. The acclaimed Seward Concert Band, directed by the visionary Christina Chen-Beyers, featured Anda's latest choreographic collaboration with Magdalena of NYC, "Fandangos de Picadillo," which translates as "Fandangos and the Kitchen Sink." Chen-Beyers created a rare opportunity to fuse music and dance in an intimate community setting. The segue from flamenco concert music to flamenco dance back to flamenco concert music was ideal, since our cameo piece was designed to take Minnesotans from a gentle flamenco folk dance through exciting flamenco footwork to an American notion of Spanish dance (ala Carmen) back to that gentle flamenco folk. Now our flamenco folk sandwich got dipped in a Carmen concert band batter - I think we had the Spanish version of a Monte Christo! Wow, and Christina is going to incorporated all that into a Seward Band Concert, and for her we say "Olé con Olé!"

Conga Latin Bistro September 9,2010

Anda Flamenco Company and Las Zapatistas were joined onstage by guests artists guitarist Gregorio "El Lobito" who flew in from Portland, and percussionist Mick LaBriola. It was a true flamenco happening, with Flamenco Daddy, guitarist Michael Hauser even joining in on the bulerias taken over by audience members, in which he performed a tour a l'aire in perfect compas, amazing himself as well as all present! Sorry we don't have a picture!

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Hosted Anda Flamenco September 2, 2010

The Zaps and Anda Flamenco Company were a part of the Walker Open Field Series this summer in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The Zaps presented a lively audience participation-oriented program designed for kids and parents on Saturday, July 31, at 4pm. Anda Flamenco Company performed more traditional flamenco after a "rocky" start when both performers and audience rushed for shelter during a hailstorm! After drying off the stage and the chairs of performers and audience alike, the attentive audience suffered through the cold hour and a half that followed, watching the performer wield shawls and fans in a fierce wind. It was a memorable event for all present!

August 19, 2010 "Rincón del Flamenco" Reunion Was Dedicated to the Late Founder and Beloved Cantaora, Maria Elena "La Cordobesa"

You loved Babalú, you loved the Loring Bar, you loved Rincón! Dancers Kristina, Virginia "La Chispita", Estrella Lucia, and Andrea reunited once again and danced for the spirit of Maria Elena who was certainly with us that night. Both the audience and the dancers enjoyed the show tremendously!

Anda Flamenco Company Performed at the Town Green in Maple Grove August 18, 2010

Anda Flamenco performed as part of the first season at the spectacular new band shell at The Town Green in Maple Grove. The performance was part of the band shell's first season, and was free and open to the public as are all their Wednesday and Thursday night summer series. The venue is amazing, and Maple Grove is to be congratulated for their dedication to bringing performing arts to the community. And for building such a state of the art performance venue. And for saving the funds for 15 years to pay for it all up front. Wow!

The Fabulous "Festival 9" Performed 2009, the Weekend Before Thanksgiving!

"Festival 9", our "Once-Every-Two-Year Anda Flamenco School Extravaganza" was presented at the Lowry Lab Theater in St. Paul the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgivin.! This was no cheesy dance school recital that families secretly dread attending! It takes us two years to prepare this spectacular flamenco event. Three monster guitarists accompanied intricate solos performed by students who have been studying for over a decade, group choreographies that will become the new unforgettable dances of the upcoming soloists, and of course - "The Few Flamenco Kids" who will stole our hearts while amazing us with their budding talent! (The photo above was shot by Brooks Peterson.)

Kristina and Las Rompe Corazones on YouTube

Kristina hooked up with a support group for women with heart disease at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. She lovingly whipped them into shape in just three half-hour sessions in order to perform a snippet of flamenco for a YouTube video. The flamenco moment was set to Garcia-Lorca lyrics, sung rather miserably by Kristina herself. But the ladies were truly magnificent, and this is just another example of how the joy of dance energizes the body and inspires the soul Just go to you tube and type in "anda flamenco"!


Kristina Hosts KFAI Radio's First Flamenco Show, "Poquito y Bueno," on Sunday, September 28

Kristina received a grant through KFAI's Program Development Project to receive the training necessary to develop and produce an hour-long flamenco broadcast.  "Poquito y Bueno" was aired on the Wave Project, and featured a lively and entertaining mix of both traditional and modern flamenco music, in addition to an intimate telephone interview with our own flamenco legend, singer Maria Elena "La Cordobesa."  The show was dedicated to Mario Maya - master dancer, teacher, and choreographer - who died unexpectedly two days earlier at home in Sevilla, Spain.

Anda Flamenco Received a Grant From the "Very Small Arts Fund" June 2008

Our thanks to the Very Small Arts Fund for providing the means to allow Anda to purchase the AV equipment for our studio. The 24" flat screen monitor is an invaluable teaching tool that permits us to tape, view and critique what we've just performed in class, as well providing us a communal venue to see and hear flamenco from Spain.

Anda Flamenco's Official Open House Was Held on Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anda in the Ivy Tower!!!Anda Flamenco Company and School rang in the New Year with a new home! We moved into our spacious new studio in the Ivy Arts Building ( on January 1, 2008.

Walls built, mirrors hung and floors installed, Anda Flamenco officially inaugurated our new home on Sunday, June 8th.  The students were the real stars of the day, however.  Their mini-performances were many, due to several encores after each piece they danced.

Our beautiful, new studio has a lounge, dressing room, and a gorgeous 21' x 26' maple dance floor. It is currently available to rent for rehearsals or classes, with still some daytime and evening openings. Click here for more information.

The Zapatistas Celebrated Their 10th Anniversary

Zapistas Celebrate 10th AnniversaryOn a chilly April evening, Anda Flamenco School's guerilla-flamenco, street-dancing Zapatistas opened their 2008 season by revisiting the site of their first "outing" in November of 1998—The Riverview Cafe on the corner of 38th Street and 42nd Avenue in Minneapolis. Lots of wonderful changes have taken place on that corner in ten years—and The Zapatistas have continued to grow and improve as well! Keep an eye out for them this summer—with their full schedule this summer, you're sure to be zapped!

Kristina Taught Sevillanas in Reno, Nevada in 2008

Sevillanas WorkshopTeaching Sevillanas simply and quickly to both dancers and non-dancers alike has long been a specialty of Kristina's. Before the turn of the century, she taught annual spring workshops on the rooftop of a restaurant overlooking Loring Park. Here, after a mere six hours of classes, non-dancers were sipping sangria and working up a sweat dancing all four Sevillanas in their goose-down coats, surrounded by a bevy of propane heaters.

Kristina took her specialty to Reno during Anda's break in late May. She enjoyed meeting with the small but growing flamenco community there, and demystifying Sevillanas once again.

Our Cordobesa Received a Medal from the King of Spain and the Minister of Culture in 2008

Maria Elena and the AmbassadorKing Juan Carlos I and the Minister of Culture have authorized the presentation of "La Cruz de la Orden de Mérito Civil" to our local flamenco treasure, Spanish-born flamenco singer María Elena "La Cordobesa." The award is in recognition of 46 years of La Cordobesa's significant contributions to Spanish song and culture in the United States. It was presented in a ceremony at the Spanish consulate in Chicago by Ambassador Sr. D. Javier Ruperez on October 29, and is the same award that was presented to José Greco.

"La Cordobesa" moved to Minnesota 46 years ago after her marriage to poet B. E. Marsh. What luck her love has brought to us!

February and March 2008 Workshops kept Anda Students Challenged

Kristina didn't make it to Spain for her usual mid-February to mid-March recharge of her creative batteries. Instead, like many flamencos and other folks this year, she went down hard with the super-flu. Kristina stayed in America and took the month off anyway. She was able to supervise the final stages of construction in the new studio. She also had the opportunity to work closely with the newly formed Advisory Board developing exciting plans for the company and the school in the year to come.

The workshops Kristina had scheduled for her "absence" were a great success. Anda Company member "La Chispita" kept heart rates up in her bulerías classes, and whittled waistlines teaching students how to really move their hips in her tangos classes.

New York/Sevilla-based teacher and dancer La Magadalena ( brought that smooth Sevilla-style to Minneapolis during her four-day residency. Tangos and soleá por bulerías were the palos she taught to three different class levels. A performance class and a compas class included in the residency were well-attended, and much appreciated by the students who are beginning to perform professionally. Magdalena's dog, Osito, also attended classes but was more enthusiastic about his potty-breaks than the dancing.

Zapatistas Juana María and María Luisa became Anda Flamenco Company's New Apprentices in 2008, and Company Members in 2010

The new apprentices of Anda FlamencoAnda Flamenco Company is proud to welcome Juana María and María Luisa into the company. Their sheer dedication, continually growing dance skills, and maturity of emotional expression made them perfect candidates for this "promotion." Keep an eye out for them in future performances and collaborations.


"Festival 8" Performances in November 2007 Praised by All!

Anda Flamenco Student Show CastAnda Flamenco School's “Festival 8: A Gala Presentation of Flamenco Dance and Music” was a spectacular celebration of all that is flamenco! Kristina de Sacramento and her students worked for two years on these very lush and beautiful choreographies, which were enjoyed by over 200 audience members. Wells Fargo Bank graciously provided the food and wine for the two shows’ intermissions.

The only element missing (and missed) was our dear La Cordobesa, who has sung the previous seven shows. She was in sunny Hollywood for the christening of her latest grandson, Desi Echevarría.

Kristina de Sacramento Featured in "Minnesota Ballroom and Latin Dancing Stars Celebration" in November 2007

Kristina de Sacramento and guitarist Michael "Rafa de Tresa" Zieghan joined super-talents onstage for a multi-faceted extravaganza that was the brain-child of dancer/choreographer Eliecer Ramirez Vargas. In addition to the flamenco numbers, Mexico Lindo brightened the stage with top-notch folkloric numbers, and four couples of ballroom champions alternately graced and seared the stage. All this was perfectly balanced by the smooth and sultry voice of Molly Sue McDonald, smartly accompanied on piano by Dan Chouinard, and by the soulful strength of Cuban pianist/singer Viviana Pintado.

Las Zapatistas presented a "Command Zapping" for the Rainbow Families' Gala Benefit at Solera Restaurant in October 2007

Las Zapatistas at the Rainbow Families Gala BenefitRainbow Families requested a "Command Zapping" at their benefit in October at Solera Restaurant in Minneapolis. Moments before the auction began, authentically and colorfully costumed Zaps, wearing sunglasses and with dance boards in hand, slowly meandered through the audience before assembling to present a five-minute fury of "bulerías a palo seco." The Zaps worked the crowd into a bidding frenzy for the auction that followed. ¡Olé!

Las Zapatistas Performed Another "Command Zapping" at a Benefit for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota in September 2007

Joined again by Kristina de Sacramento, Las Zapatistas performed a "Command Zapping" at the Pavillion in Minnehaha Park on Saturday, September 8, 2007. The performance in the band shell marked the culmination of the Lupus Walk for Hope, a 2-mile walk to raise funds for lupus research. The rain fell gently and politely while the Zaps performed some flamenco "snippets" and then taught their enthusiatic audience a few cool flamenco moves on the tenth anniversary celebration of the Walk for Hope.


Anda Flamenco Designed an Innovative Workshop for Children 4 -7 in July 2007

Anda Flamenco class for kidsKristina de Sacramento has received many requests to teach classes for young children. In July of 2007, she went to Western Springs, Illinois to observe classes at Jo's Footwork, taught by Corey Magel, an acclaimed teacher of children's dance. Kristina came away inspired! Her new approach to flamenco for the very young is designed to encourage creativity while fostering the discipline needed to continue in dance. Classes are held on Saturdays from 1:00 to 1:45 pm. See our Classes page for more details.

Las Zapatistas Opened the Ethnic Circle at Minneapolis MOSAIC on Saturday, June 9, 2007

Las Zapatistas, the student performance company of Anda Flamenco School, specialize in hit-and-run flamenco. They appear with their dance boards and their sunglasses to perform "snippets of flamenco." They'll zap you when and where you least expect it, like at your favorite coffee shop or grocery store. But the growing popularity of their performances now has them doing “command zapping.” Las Zapatistas were chosen to christen the 2007 "Ethnic Circle" on the opening night of Minneapolis MOSAIC ( This summer-long, multi-cultural festival of the performing arts is Mayor Rybek's "gift of art from and to the community." Created to showcase the ethnic and cultural diversity in the arts that make our city so exciting, this festival is made a reality by the hard work of, among others, Colette Marie Illarde, an accomplished flamenco dancer in her own right. Anda Flamenco's interactive performance on that lovely summer evening brought smiles to the faces of over 200 people.

The Zapatistas Got Great Press in the Star Tribune & in Three Local News Broadcasts!

Las Zapatistas at WCCOZaps María Luisa, La Doña Azul, and Marilena were joined by Kristina de Sacramento during the noon-hour on Thursday, May 31, 2007. The dancing took place in front of the windows that form the backdrop for the news broadcast of television station WCCO. The Zaps were promoting the upcoming kick-off of the city's summer festival of the arts, MOSAIC.

Their midday performance was blessed by a cool breeze, and was enjoyed equally by passersby, camera-persons, and the Zaps themselves! The event was covered by Star Tribune photographer Kyndell Harkness and by local news on Channels 4, 5, and 9.

Kid-friendly 2007 Summer Zapatistas Performances Hosted by General Mills & Rayito del Sol Academy

Las Zapatistas, the student performance group from Anda Flamenco Company and School, were joined by the company's director, Kristina de Sacramento, for kid-friendly performances and interactive workshops at the Midtown Global Market in 2006 and 2007 at the General Mill's employee picnic, and in 2007 at the Spanish immersion school, Rayito del Sol Academy in Plymouth. Playing to audiences of fascinated children and their parents, Las Zapatistas brought the heart of flamenco to the heart of the Twin Cities. In addition to these two "Command Zaps," our usual surprize "zapping" was also requested for the 2007 opening of "Mosaico," and for the Fall-Out Art Festival (the site of our first official performance in 2005) in both 2006 and 2007.

Anda Flamenco Joined Rincón del Flamenco for 2007 Cinco de Mayo

Dancers Kristina de Sacramento, María Luisa, and Estrella Morena performed with Rincón del Flamenco's founder, singer María Elena "La Cordobesa," and guitarist Trevor "El Rebujito" at Castillo Park in St. Paul on Saturday, May 5th, 2007. This was one of the few times in our many years of performing at this legendary West St. Paul Cinco de Mayo celebration that the event actually fell on May 5th! The rain fell in sheets until moments before we walked onstage. As our performance began, the sun came out and blessed us and our audience with the incredible energy of a once-wet, now-sunny spring afternoon.

Kristina de Sacramento Taught Cincinnati Workshop in April 2007

Shortly after returning from her annual month in Spain, Kristina de Sacramento taught a four-hour bulerías workshop in Cincinnati in late April 2007. (In 2006, she taught a four-hour tientos/tangos workshop there.) The workshop was sponsored by former Cincinatti flamenco teacher April Johnson. (April recently moved to the Bay area with her Spanish husband, whom she met in España Cani in Madrid while on the first flamenco-study trip shepherded by Kristina in 1999.) April's students in Cincinnati were joined by students from Dayton and Columbus, as well as by a Lexington, Kentucky contingency. The level of experience of the students ranged from my-first-day to professional. By the end of four hours, however, the videotape that was shot showed 18 amazing flamenco dancers literally tearing up the floor!

Anda Flamenco Was a Presence in Jerez, Spain, in March 2007

In March 2007, a group of flamencos from Anda Flamenco Company and School arrived in the town of Jerez de La Frontera, which is located in Andalucía, a region in the south of Spain that is known as the “cuna” (cradle) of flamenco. Kristina de Sacramento was joined there by guitarist Michael "Rafa de Tresa" Zieghan, Anda Flamenco Company's two apprentices (Juana María and María Luisa), six Anda Flamenco students (Katharine, Kethrin, Leslie, Lynn, Teresa, and Vanessa) and Ross, Katharine's travel-loving and flamenco-guitar studying husband.

The occasion was the 10th Festival Flamenco in Jerez. In addition to taking master classes and attending unforgettable nightly concerts by the best-of-the-flamenco-best, daily events like eating as many tapas as possible in one sitting while drinking many glasses of sherry (all in the interest of educating our palates, of course...) and dining after the theater like royalty all fit into our travel plans.

Anda Flamenco opened at the Minnesota Children's Museum in February 2007

Kristina de Sacramento is featured as part of an ongoing exhibit at the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Girls from a Hmong dance group from the West Side of St. Paul trained on cameras and computers and then worked as the crew to make a video, which they titled "Conversations with Minnesota Dancers." The video features Kristina de Sacramento, along with the Jane Addams School Dancing Girls, Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc, and Tou Ger Xiong. Kristina and Virginia "La Chispita" also donated costumes for the exhibit.

The video is part of Our World, a permanent gallery that focuses on culture and community. For hours and admission, check out the museum’s website at

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