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Friends, our website is under construction. For details on our class schedule or upcoming performances, please visit our Facebook page, Anda Flamenco and Las Zapatistas.

Anda Flamenco Photo Galleries

Kids gallery Kid's Class
The seeds grew, the scarves blew, and the kids knew...Check out the Kid's gallery.

Las Zapatistas performing at General Mills Las Zapatistas
Specializing in "hit-and-run" flamenco. See the action in the Zaps gallery.
Las Zapatistas performing at General Mills Fringe '02: Que Será, Será
The original Fringe flamenco comedy. Relive the excitement in the Fringe '02 gallery.
Las Zapatistas performing at General Mills Fringe '04: Doña Quixote
Anda Flamenco's second, acclaimed Fringe show. Don't miss the fun in the Fringe '04 gallery!
Company Performances Kristina de Sacramento
Over the years, Kristina has performed at venues from the sublime to the ridiculous. Check out this snippet of Kristina's performances now in the director's gallery.
Company Performances Company Performances
Check out the company's chops here in our performance galleries!
Company Performances Student Shows
"Festival 8" was Anda Flamenco's latest student extravaganza. If you missed it, or want to revisit moments check out Festival 8 photos in our student shows gallery.


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