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Friends, our website is under construction. For details on our class schedule or upcoming performances,please visit our Facebook page, Anda Flamenco and Las Zapatistas.

The Company

The Core Members

Artistic Director Kristina de Sacramento came to flamenco by way of Paris, France; not your usual path, but it’s worked out well. Kristina has been studying, performing, and teaching flamenco since 1987. In addition to being a soloist with Rincón del Flamenco, Kristina established her own school in 1995, her street company, Las Zapatistas in 1996, and her professional company, Anda Flamenco, in 2001. In 2002, Kristina conceived, choreographed and produced the Fringe Festival hit, “Que Será, Será: A Flamenco Comedy," and followed it in 2004 with the critically acclaimed, “Doña Quixote: A Flamenco Comedy." Kristina's 2012 Fringe presentation, "Señora Butterfly: A Tragic Flamenco Comedy" won the Audience Award for its venue. The next theatrical show in the works in "Age-Progressed: West Side Story" which takes place in a retirement home for flamenco dancers. After relocating and constructing a new home for her companies and the school in 2008, Kristina now keeps very busy between performances, teaching, and rehearsing her two companies. As passionate a student as she is a teacher and performer, Kristina returns to Spain annually to continue her professional studies. In addition, she teaches flamenco through Breanna's gift to children in several metro hospitals, and to Parkinson's patients and their caregivers through Bethesda. In her spare time, Kristina produces, engineers, and hosts "Poquito y Bueno," a weekly half-hour webcast of flamenco music, news and interviews on KFAI radio.

Guitarist "Rafael de Tresa,” known in other circles as Michael Ziegahn, has been playing guitar since graduating from Highland Park Sr. High in Saint Paul... awhile ago. His American teachers have included Michael and Tony Hauser and Pedro Cortes Jr. In Spain, Rafael has studied with Luis Maravilla and Antonio Andrade, and briefly but memorably with the venerable Manolo Sanlucar. In addition to being the first guitarist for Anda Flamenco School, Rafa has his own group, "Sendero Flamenco," and is a founding member of the Twin Cities Flamenco Artists Co-op. His alter ego, Michael Ziegahn, is also known for his gigs at Irish pubs and his vocal work with local ensembles. Rafael was both the narrator and guitarist for both Anda’s "Doña Quixote: A Flamenco Comedy” and "Señora Butterfly: A Tragic Flamenco Comedy."

Guitarist Kim "K Kara" Rich joined Anda Flamenco in 2010, after having spent several years honing his chops elsewhere in town and sitting in on classes at Anda's school. Kim has studied formally with Pedro Cortes, Jr., Tony Hauser, and Scott "Mateo" Davies, but he is also very grateful to Rafael de Tresa, El Rebujito, Andreana Cortes, and Kristina de Sacramento for generously sharing their extensive flamenco knowledge with him!

Dancer Virginia “La Chispita” has studied dance her entire life and as well as studying at Zorongo and later Anda Flamenco, she also continued to study in Spain with such masters as Merche Esmeralda, Eva La Yerbabuena and Juana Amaya. Virginia has been dancing with Anda Flamenco since its inception in 2001, and has performed the solo roles of both the relentless stage manager/company soloist in “Que Será, Será” and the plucky Sancha Panzasson in "Doña Quixote." A versatile and talented dancer, as well as a fine physical actress, La Chispita has also performed in theatrical works of other companies, including most recently in Teatro del Pueblo's "Lorca in a Green Dress," choreographed by Kristina de Sacramento.

 After a few months of study in Chile while serving in the Peace Corps, Dancer Andrea continued her flamenco studies with Kristina de Sacramento in 1997 and joined Anda Flamenco Company in 2003.  Currently, Andrea takes advantage of workshops given by flamenco maestros traveling through Minneapolis, and returns to Spain whenever she can. In addition to appearing with Anda Flamenco in "Que Será, Será," Andrea has danced with other local companies in theatrical performances including "Flamenco Pure and Strong" and most recently, "Convivir."

Dancer Juana María began her flamenco studies in 1996 with Kristina de Sacramento, and became a member of Anda Flamenco Company in 2007. She performs regularly with both the Zapatistas and the company, having been in both "Que Será" and "Señora Butterfly," and she also works as the Business Manager for Anda Flamenco. Juana has been a guest artist with Rincón del Flamenco, and she can be seen monthly at Conga Latin Bistro with Anda. First exposed to flamenco in Andalucía (while studying to become an architect), Juana now frequently returns to Spain to study flamenco. Of her many Spanish maestros, she feels most influenced by Javier Latorre, La Chiqui, Pastora Galvan, María Magdalena, Manolete, and Adriana Maresma Fois. Juana was a recipient of the 2011 Next Step grant awarded by the McKnight Foundation.

Dancer María Luisa came to Anda Flamenco School in 2004 after four years of prior flamenco study. In 2007 she was invited to become a company member. María began performing in tablaos with Rincón del Flamenco, and has honed her art with over the years with monthly tablao work since 2009 with Anda, as well as other more formal Anda performances, including "Señora Butterfly." In addition to her dancing, María is the Managing Director of Anda Flamenco's street company, Las Zapatistas. She traveled to Spain three times and has studied with Angel Muñoz and Ana María Lopez in Jerez, and with the incomparable La Tati in Madrid.

Dancer Debra "La Gaviota" joined Anda Flamenco Company in 2011. In 1986, shortly after beginning her flamenco studies, Debra traveled to Madrid where she spent six months studying with La Tati at Amor de Dios when the school was actually located on calle Amor de Dios! Debra continued to take classes while raising a family and is now really enjoying the opportunity to put those years of study to work onstage with Anda! Debra was one of the geishas in "Señora Butterfly," and can be seen every month with Anda at Conga Latin Bistro.

Dancer "Elenita La Flika," the daughter of Spanish parents, began her flamenco studies in the early 80s in Washington DC, and performed at the prestigous Kennedy Center during that time. She took a flamenco hiatus to raise a family, and then relocated to Minneapolis where she began her flamenco studies anew with Anda Flamenco in 2011. A regular performer at Conga Latin bistro, Elenita was invited to become an Anda apprentice in 2014 and was promoted to the company of her birthday in 2015.

  Dancer "La Isa Margarita" began her flamenco studies with Anda in 2007, and became a Zapatista in 2009. After getting her performance feet, Margarita was featured as one of the geishas in "Señora       Butterfly" in 2012, and she was invited to become an Anda apprentice in 2013. After a trip to Spain for study and many Conga performances, Margarita became a company member in 2015.

Dancer "Rafaela del Sol" is a lifelong performer, teacher, and student of dance. She began her flamenco studies with Gordon "Rafael" Davis and performed locally in his group, "Los Amigos" in the 90s. Rafi began her studies at Anda in 2008, and became a Zapatista in 2009. She was promoted to apprentice in 2013, and joined the company in 2015. Rafi is hands-down our happiest dancer!

The Remembered Member

Maria Elena--La Cordobesa
Singer María Elena “La Cordobesa” hailed from Cordoba, Spain, where she made her flamenco debut at the age of six while hiding under her mother’s dining room table out of shyness. María Elena’s powerful, evocative, and plaintive cante (song) was the essence of traditional flamenco. She was the founder of Rincón del Flamenco, a premiere flamenco troupe in the Twin Cities. One of a handful of native flamenco singers in the US, María Elena shared her song internationally, as well as with the Twin Cities and Anda Flamenco. In addition to receiving three coveted Minnesota Music Awards, María Elena was awarded La Cruz de la Orden de Mérito Civil in 2008. This prestigious honor was bestowed upon her by Juan Carlos, the King of Spain, in recognition of La Cordobesa's years of contribution to the art of flamenco in the U.S. "La Cordobesa" died on April 29, 2009 and will be forever remembered.

Members "In Absentia"

Dancer Anna Natt is currently "in absentia" in Berlin, cooking up, collaborating on, and performing all sorts of cutting edge flamenco! In addition to dancing and teaching flamenco, Anna is still in demand internationally as a flamenco costumer and is developing quite a following as a milliner. In 1997, while studying to become a seamstress, Anna saw Kristina performing one night at the now defunct Loring Bar - THE 90's venue for Rincón del Flamenco and a host of other edgy Twin Cities performers. Anna was instantly drawn to flamenco. She began studying immediately with Kristina and was soon making Kristina's costumes as well. Anna continued to hone her dancing and costuming skills to perfection in the four years she spent furthering her dance studies in Sevilla, returning to Minneapolis as a guest artist for both "Que Será, Será" and "Doña Quixote," and she brought the house down with her dancing as the Japanese sailor in "Señora Butterfly." She returns yearly to teach workshops at Anda Flamenco School.

Dancer Rico "El Viajero" is currently "in absentia" in New York City, where he has been continuing his flamenco studies with Omayra Amaya. After beginning his studies with Kristina, Rico trained extensively at Amor de Dios in Madrid, with private coaching by Antonio Reyes. Rico has been performing since 2001 with Anda Flamenco, including a featured role in “Que Será, Será” and a memorable drag role as the virgin geisha in "Señora Butterfly."

The Guest Artists

Dancer Vicki García and Kristina met in Jerez in 2002 while they were studying farruca with Manolete. Kristina promised Vicki a role in the upcoming Doña Quixote, but the two lost contact. They ran into each other in a Spanish train station a year later, and soon Vicki was flying to the U.S. for the first time. A Canary Islands native, Vicki had studied extensively in Madrid with Merche Esmeralda, and later with La Truco before taking on the role of the enchanted windmill in Doña Quixote. After finishing her studies in veterinary medicine in Madrid (while simultaneously working at the zoo), Vicki is now a practicing snake vet, flamenco dancer/teacher and theatrical actress in demand in Buenos Aires.





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